Harry up, tell us! Will media cover-up plans for war with Iran?

The whole establishment media, state and corporate, collaborated with the government in hiding the whereabouts of a member of the royal family.

He was in Afghanistan, helping to occupy the country. (Well, if playing computer games, getting drunk, and occassionally posing for the cameras with a gun helps an occupation run smoothly…)

Now he’s at a greater risk – and so are those actually fighting the war. He’ll be brought home – despite claims he’s just an ordinary soldier – and the rest of the armed forces will stay to face the consequences of this self-indulgent episode.

Perhaps he was allowed to go for propaganda purposes, I can’t see it myself. Beckham would’ve been a better choice – though the whole charade would look rather theatrical.

As it stands, service personnel are in greater risk than before.

The daily threat of being killed or maimed by people resisting occupation has been increased tenfold.

If he cares at all for his comrades, Harry Windsor will be making plans to protest the wars in the Middle East and call on the government to bring the troops home – March 15th, twelve noon, Trafalgar Square in London.

As for the so-called journalists who didn’t take the opportunity to protest the hush-up for Harry before he was posted – you can redeem yourselves by covering the demo…