Missing: war criminal turned “peace envoy” Tony Bliar

Snowball, whose blog Histomat: Adventures in Historical Materialism is always enjoyable, asks a pertinent question: “Where was Blair?” (Alas, he misspells Bliars name.)

The former UK Prime Minister has not been making a song and dance about the latest Israeli “incursion” into Gaza, despite his role as Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet (UN/US/EU/Russia).

Perhaps it is best that he keeps his mouth shut on this – I mean, “Tony Bliar” isn’t a name you associate with halting violence…

And what’s more, Bliar’s pivotal role in enabling the bloody “regime change” in Iraq might cause people to wonder about the US and UK governments – and the EU – support for Israel’s efforts to oust the democratically-elected Palestinian government – essential reading on which is “Engineering a coup in Gaza” by The Heathlander and David Rose’s Vanity Fair article, “The Gaza Bombshell“.