reading material

Nature: Commodification or Democratisation? by Fikret Adaman, Pat Devine, and Begum Ozkaynak, presented to the 6th Annual EUNIP Conference, Abo University, Turku, Finland, December 2002.

Socialism Without Markets: Democratic Planned Socialism by Al Campbel, presentation to ‘The Work Of Karl Marx And The Challenges Of The 21st Century’, in Havana, 5-8 May 2003

On the Economic Theory of Socialism by Fikret Adaman and Pat Devine, New Left Review I/221, January-February 1997, pp. 54-80

Market Mania Of The Left by Pat Devine, Marxism Today, June 1988, pp. 34-9

Participatory Planning Through Negotiated Coordination by Pat Devine, Science & Society, Vol. 66, No. 1, Spring 2002, pp. 72-85

Market Socialism or Socialization of the Market? by Diane Elson, New Left Review, No 172, Nov/Dec, 1988, pp. 3–44

Socializing Markets, Not Market Socialism by Diane Elson, Socialist Register 2000, pp. 67-85

Fatherland or Mother Earth? Nationalism and Internationalism from a Socialist Perspective Michael Lowy, Socialist Register 1989

People and Property in the Building of Communism by Michael A. Lebowitz, presentation to ‘The Work Of Karl Marx And The Challenges Of The 21st Century’, in Havana, 5-8 May 2003

Models of Participatory Planning for Socialism in the 21st Century by Seongjin Jeong

In Defence of Socialist Planning by Ernest Mandel, New Left Review I/159, September-October 1986, pp. 5-37

Toward A Socialism for the Future: In the Wake of the Demise of the Socialism of the Past by Thomas E. Weisskopf, Department of Economics, University of Michigan, October 1991

6 Responses to “reading material”

  1. Daniel Owen Says:

    I think markets are an integral part of any society. The real question is, will the mode of production be characterised by cooperation or throat cutting?

  2. charliemarks Says:

    I agree, but it’s more historically correct to say that exchange is an integral part of any society – before money and markets, goods and services were paid for directly with other goods and services.

  3. Daniel Owen Says:

    Bartering is still a market though.

  4. charliemarks Says:

    True. But the distance between what we understand as bartering and market exchange is so great as to require differentiation for the sake of clarity.

  5. Daniel Owen Says:

    Maybe amongst us politicos… The fact remains that there is no evidence that distribution can take place except thru a market. This is something most people are aware of, except some of us socialist politico types!

  6. Derek Wall Says:

    take a look at Karl Polanyi the research shows that markets are relatively unimportant in human history

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