debating tips

* Start by politely stating where you disagree and then affirm that you both have some common ground and can work together. This leaves the person you are speaking to with a feeling that you are not confronting them or seeking to start a shouting match.

* Use language that makes clear that you are expressing you opinions and your understanding and that other opinions and understandings exist – this tells the other person that you are willing to enter into a reasoned debate and accept that you may not be right. For example, “In my opinion, _____ is not _____.” – “I believe _____ is a bad idea because I think that _____.” – “I understand that _____.” Be sure to speak in a calm and clear manner and to indicate with your tone of voice and body language that you are interested in hearing the opinions of the other person.

* When listening to what the other person is saying, nod your head to encourage the other person to continue. Be sure to make and maintain eye contact.

* When replying, do not interrupt or convey a dismissive attitude.

3 Responses to “debating tips”

  1. Robert Says:

    Have you told Brown this yet it might help him a lot.

  2. Plutarch Says:

    Great tips charliemarks – would like to hear more – you sound like a valuable negotiator

  3. km Says:

    hi kmkmkmkmkmkm u stink lololoolol did u fart

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