Vestas occupied!

Socialist Worker reports:

A group of workers have occupied the Vestas plant on the Isle of Wight. Their brave stand is in defence of 600 jobs under threat and to keep production going at almost the only British producer of wind turbines.

The government says it plans to create a million “green jobs”. Meanwhile, in the real world, this wind turbine factory is being closed and Labour does nothing.

All 600 workers at the factory face redundancy.

The factory is the largest employer on the island.

Rush messages of support to 07980 703115 and 07970 739921 and 07733 388888.

E mail Messages to

Demonstrate Save Vestas, Save the Planet, support the occupation. Friday 24 July, 5.30pm, St Thomas Square, Newport Isle of Wight


2 Responses to “Vestas occupied!”

  1. landsker Says:

    Unbelievable isn`t it, we must have the windiest climate of Europe, and the government comes up with “clean coal” and nuclear power.
    Vestas, the parent company employs tens of thousands, in Denmark and the United States, and is leaving because of a lack of demand for their products in Britain…. which does indeed show the bumbling inconsistency of “Gordons` lot”.
    Perhaps the workers might consider going into business themselves?

  2. Robert Says:

    Labour green jobs are people who want to have the house done up and can pay, people who want roof panels and people who can afford to have smaller wind turbines by relaxing the planning laws. So why not well people will be told they will have to have this done housing associations will be asked to do this, but spending billions this government will not do on wind turbines, Even Germany are turning away from wind now.

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