Don’t forget to vote!

I’ll be voting for the Greens in the Euro elections.

They’ve a good record on workers’ rights, consumer protection, and civil liberties; they have been consistent in supporting electoral reform and bank nationalisation, and in opposing privatisation and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Due to the proportional representation system of voting used in EU elections, smaller parties like UKIP and the Greens have a better chance of getting elected. This also means it’s easier for the fascists to bag seats, too.

Not only have the Greens got MEPs worth defending and candidates worth electing – a vote for the Greens in the North West could help stop the fascists getting a seat in the European parliament. Okay, there’s a certain irony in sending a racist to live and work with a load of foreigners… But I don’t want to see the fascists getting their hands on public money to spread their bigoted messages.

The platform the Greens have been running on has been variously greening the economy and creating jobs in the process, and then cleaning up MPs expenses and reforming the electoral system.

This won’t be happening in the EU parliament, of course, but this election is largely symbolic – though certainly, the current Green MEPs are very active in being “in and against” the undemocratic EU parliament.