Nationalise Vauxhall!

Car production in the UK is efficient, let no one fool you about this. Plants which produce cars are linked to plants which produce parts – there’s a supply chain to consider. Also, many work in other services which are dependent upon skilled workers spending their wages.

We need to have cars which are energy efficient – though effective demand has slumped globally, we all know this is due to our chaotic economic system, not to the car being made obsolete.

It’s not Rover!

Four years ago Rover went under – the government could have nationalised the company and set up a joint-venture with the Chinese, the company ended up in China selling to their domestic market.

Instead the government let Rover go, and now many of the skilled workers formerly employed by the company are in lower skilled and lower paid jobs.

The same mistake cannot be made again – the government has bailed out the banks which have failed to get lending again.

There’s no doubt that if Vauxhall is bailed out, we’ll see a return – with new energy efficient cars being made at UK plants for sale across the world as demand recovers.


Whilst other EU govts get their checquebooks out, the UK govt is nowhere to be seen. At the negotiations, there’s no one to represent car workers in Luton and Ellesmere Port – remember, UK workers are easiest for big businesses to sack in the EU.

It’s a sickening sight – “Lord” Peter Mandelson pretending he’s got a guarantee against mass lay-offs and blaming unions for scaring workers when he knows that’s what will happen.

At least he’s the sense to stop wittering on about protectionism – we all know that when the rich cry poverty the money flows from the government to protect their corrupt system.

But when thousands of skilled workers face uncertainty, New Labour are too spineless to step up to defend them, fearful of a backlash from the super-rich. Mandelson and co. are so eager to please them that they will allow no concessions to working people – look at his actions over Royal Mail where most people oppose privatisation, even within New Labour.

The threat of a good example!

Car workers at Luton and Ellesmere Port can follow the example of the Visteon workers who occupied their plants to demand justice.

There would be no shortage of support, no limit to the solidarity that others would demonstrate.

We own the banks now – we can get them to invest in the car industry.

Don’t despair – organise, occupy, nationalise!

10 Responses to “Nationalise Vauxhall!”

  1. David Lindsay Says:

    Peter Mandelson has dropped more than enough hints that he has promised Unite that he will do this if the Germans cannot come up with anything better.

    Old Labour support for nationalisation has always been strictly pragmatic, whereas of course New Labour was totally opposed no matter what, a position far more extreme than that of, say, Margaret Thatcher.

    And an old CPGB hand Mandy may be. But he is still Herbert Morrison’s grandson.

  2. David Lindsay Says:

    Oh, and as for the Tories, they need to win back those two marginal seats in Luton. But Margaret Moran is standing down anyway. And Kelvin Hopkins has come out of the expenses scandal very well indeed.

  3. Robert Says:

    I watched Mandy and he said I’m speaking to the companies not the Unions, he also said that some jobs will go. I doubt Labour would go near Vauxhaul otherwise we will have another British Leyland.

    Germany will take over the part running of Opel and the car plants in the UK will be a target for closure, I mean why would you pay more to close a German plant when you can hit us for almost free.

  4. charliemarks Says:

    “I doubt Labour would go near Vauxhaul otherwise we will have another British Leyland.”

    They could give Vauxhall workers a loan to buy out their plants, though…

  5. Ian Says:

    In the US now about 73% of GM is owned by the Government so its mostly in public hands anyway.

  6. Robert Says:

    I’ve no problem with government taking over plants like this, we are talking a lot of people signing on for £60 a week and thinking shall I vote UKIP

  7. Chris H Says:

    Haven’t our glorious leaders handed over the authority for nationalisation to the EU? I reckon you’d need a government with the bottle to ignore the EU or one with the political leanings to embrace nationalisation, neither of which the current incumbents have.

  8. charliemarks Says:

    Well, Chris, if they can forget about state aid rules when nationalising Northern Rock…

    • Chris H Says:

      Charlie, the EU rules they can nationalise if it’s limited to 6 months but I expect there must be machinery for renegotiation. But the things is that the EU doesn’t allow nationalisation to become permanent so there has to be plans in place aiming towards flogging it off again to the corporate world.

      In reality those who wield the power look at the financial system as the future and large scale manufacturing as somehow belonging to the past, rather like the doddery auntie sent to live in a care home. They know she exists and send the occassional bit of cash for a new pair of drawers but would rather she shuffled off this mortal coil so they wouldn’t have to bother with her.

      I sometimes wonder if it would help if LDV could rename their fitters as share analysts and their welders as hedge fund managers. Might get more of an interest from the government then.

  9. charliemarks Says:

    Not a bad idea – it’s the kind of creative accounting, I like!

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