What’s Mandelson’s excuse for Royal Mail privatisation now?

Royal Mail is in the black:

All four Royal Mail businesses were profitable in the nine months to Christmas last year, for the first time in almost 20 years.

Royal Mail Letters, the Post Office, Parcelforce Worldwide and the European parcels business GLS contributed to an operating profit of £255m.

That nine-month figure compares with £162m for the whole of the previous financial year.

The union says this proves no need for privatisation:

The Communication Workers Union said that the strong financial results proved that the company was thriving while modernising in full public ownership.

But general secretary Billy Hayes stressed: “Today’s financial results must not be seen as an invitation for any part sell-off but instead prove the viability and future sustainability of a wholly publicly owned modern Royal Mail.”

2 Responses to “What’s Mandelson’s excuse for Royal Mail privatisation now?”

  1. David Lindsay Says:

    With all its businesses in profit for the first time in 20 years, the Royal Mail does not need even partial privatisation.

    Those who believe in public services, in strong unions, and in rural communities must unite with those, very largely the same people, who believe in national sovereignty (both as against the EU and as against the foreign acquisition of a key national asset), in the monarchy’s direct link to every address in the country, and in rural communities.

    Together, we can save our Post Office.

    No less than the social, cultural and political arguments, the economic arguments are on our side.

  2. Norman Candy Says:

    Royal Mail Group and its predecessor the GPO has pumped millions of pounds into the exchequer since its inception over 150 years ago.Its also provided an excellent , efficient and cheap service.I do not think Mandelsons plans to part privatise Royal Mail using a European competitor as the chosen partner has much to do with ‘modernising’ the industry.It has more to do with Mandelson delivering Labours neo-liberal pro-EU agenda.To defeat Mandelson we need a broadly based ‘Keep Ryal Mail Public and British’ campaign.

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