Brown offers British help in Israel’s war on Gaza

No, that title is not misleading.

He’s really offering naval assistance to Israel:

Mr Brown said he had been involved in talks with Mr Olmert and Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.

“Germany, France and Great Britain have just sent a letter to Israel and Egypt to say they will do everything we can to prevent arms trafficking,” he said.

No mention of arms sold by UK companies to the IDF! Presumably, any British naval assistance would not be to the Palestinians to prevent attacks by the Israel…

Contra Hazel Blears, it’s not that the government has failed to get its message across, the message is very clear – Israeli terror is bad, but not so bad we’re going to do anything about it (like stopping arms sales to Israel).

Saying that Israel’s actions are “disproportionate” isn’t good enough. In fact, it suggests that there exists a number of civilian casualties that would be proportionate.

Saner stances towards the conflict have been forthcoming from backbench parliamentarians.

Here’s Gerald Kaufman:

And George Galloway:

4 Responses to “Brown offers British help in Israel’s war on Gaza”

  1. vicky Says:

    The annual 3 billion in military aid from the US just ain’t enough it seems…

  2. charliemarks Says:

    I’m sure that the men and women of the British armed forces will be delighted at the prospect of entering another US-initiated conflict… Though, let’s face it, it’s unlikely the UK will get involved on the ground, it’s still a bit disheartening.

    What happened to those humanitarian interventionists? Very silent on this crisis, no? Does the UN / Nato / America / “the West” not have a duty to intervene? (Obviously, I’m being rhetorical.)

  3. David Lindsay Says:

    Truly, between tomorrow’s events in Washington and any Likud victory next month, Britain will have the most Zionist government in the world.

    And no wonder that former Cabinet Ministers of both parties have been among those telling me not to write, even in jest, about the drafting of our least accomplished 16-year-olds directly into the Israeli Defence Force, because “if the wrong people read that then it will happen”. How long can we now have to wait?

  4. charliemarks Says:

    Quite. But I think the priority for them now is the EU armed forces, judging by the proxy conflicts with Russia…

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