Flogging a dead horse – and whatever else is left

So the demutualised banks have either collapsed, been nationalised, or sold to foreign companies, and the privatised utilities are failing to pass on price cuts to consumers, in the name of securing profits for their shareholders.

You’d think that New Labour would have learnt a lesson.

But no.

The sell-off of public assets continues, and since we’re in a recession this constitutes a fire sale. Private investors will pick up, at knock-down prices, shares in resources that have been built up by taxpayers over decades.

After Aldermaston will come:

*Ordnance Survey
*The Met Office
*The Forestry Commission
*The Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in Westminster
*The Covent Garden Market Authority
*The Royal Mint
*The Tote
*Buildings owned by British Waterways
*British Nuclear Fuel’s stake in uranium enrichment company Urenco
*The Oil & Pipeline Agency, which manages the UK’s underground network of fuel distribution pipelines

Hat-tip: David Lindsay


2 Responses to “Flogging a dead horse – and whatever else is left”

  1. David Lindsay Says:

    Yes, that really does say “The Royal Mint”. Just when banknote-issuing HBOS and RBS have been nationalised.

    And then there is the Post Office.

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