Boris to butcher buses – privatisation planned

Crikey! Privatisation! Another disaster from Boris…

From Progressive London, the bad news:

Mayor to privatise bus company
on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 17:10

Boris Johnson continued the right wing direction of his mayoralty today with the announcement that the last-remaining public-sector bus company – East Thames Buses – will be privatised, leading to condemnation by transport unions.
Unite’s Pete Kavanagh said today: “We are living through a period when privatisation and free market economics are clearly floundering. Privatisation has failed the UK’s travelling public.”
In a statement the TSSA transport union argued that “Boris is showing his true colours by selling off a successful publicly owned company to his chums in the City.” 
Assistant General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: “Here we have a high performing publicly owned company being sold off just to meet the Mayor’s ideological prejudices. This is not the time to be rewarding the City when Londoners are suffering from the economic downturn.”
TSSA reports that TfL has announced a six month feasibility study into the sell off of the bus company.

In addition to the issue of pensions, the trade unions are also concerned that the sell-off will reduce the effectiveness of TfL’s ability to assess and monitor the other twenty operators that control London’s bus network. Unite said that by selling off East Thames Buses TfL will lose a useful yardstick with which to measure the effectiveness of London’s other bus operators.

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