It’s like a fascist state, fascists complain

Okay, so it’s illegal. It’s leading to people having their privacy invaded.

I’m talking, of course, about the leaking of the personal details (including home addresses as well as hobbies) of members of the white supremacist British National Party.

But putting people’s personal details online – this is the kind of thing fascists do, isn’t it?

Well, a former employee of the BNP (and so, one assumes, a racist sympathiser) is said to have uploaded the information.

As Jeremy Dear, the general secretary of the journalists’ union, blogs:

I’ve had neo-nazis threaten me at home, publish my details on Redwatch, the right-wing website designed to target and intimidate journalists and trade unionists, and was once physically assaulted by them and had to go to hospital. The BNP have staged demonstrations outside the NUJ’s head office and have issued threats to dozens of our members – particularly in Yorkshire. How sickening to hear Nick Griffin on Five Live this morning say he would use the Human Rights Act against to protect privacy when he stands for abolishing the act.

The fascists have also taken the opportunity to do some Muslim-bashing while they are busy insisting that they are being victimised.

If nothing else good comes of this exposure, perhaps it will help a few racists understand what it’s like being bullied – some might even empathise with ethnic minorities facing abuse and discrimination.

6 Responses to “It’s like a fascist state, fascists complain”

  1. QM Says:

    And this makes someones invasion of others privacy right how?
    You say the fascists have done the same thing yet you condone it by saying they’ll gain understanding from it. Wrong is wrong, this list should never have been published online, the person who did it deserves the full weight of the law thrown at them. After all they’ve just justified further attacks on our privacy in retalliation, at least according to you, after all we might understand better what it is to be bullied.

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  3. David Lindsay Says:

    On a bridge in Durham a few Saturdays ago, I saw stalls both for the “Socialist Party” (Militant as was) and for the BNP. Those manning the Militant one were clearly undergraduates, and were merely collecting signatures for two petitions, one to renationalise the energy companies, the other against the BNP. But those manning the BNP one were older, they spoke with local accents (I mean really local – Durham itself or its immediate environs), and they were clearly doing a roaring trade in recruitment among the Saturday shoppers.

    County Durham, please note, has fully one per cent visible ethnic minorities, and recently published maps indicate particularly strong BNP membership in Easington, the only district in the United Kingdom to be one hundred per cent White British at the last census.

    I had assumed that, with only three seats to fill, the North East, alone among the English regions, would be spared a BNP MEP in June, never mind the two that they are on for in each of London, the North West and the South East, at least. But now, I am not so sure. Neil Heron gave a seat to the Lib Dems rather than UKIP last time. Having won his cause, he is unlikely to stand again, and if he does, then he will only be giving the BNP a ninth, if not a twelfth, seat. He really does need to think about that. As, in BNP-infested Sunderland, I have no doubt that he does.

    The BNP has already taken UKIP’s seat on the Greater London Assembly. It only needs one ninth of the votes cast (not the eligible vote, the votes cast) to get a Strasbourg seat there in June. One eighth in the North West. A mere one tenth in the South East. And so on. Its supporters are far more likely to vote, because they are angrier people, while UKIP’s electorate now cares more about immigration than about Europe, and far more than was the case at the last European Elections. UKIP itself has pretty much imploded.

    Unless you believe that there are more than ten thousand Nazis in Britain today, never mind all the votes that they receive, then why are people attracted to a party whose own constitution requires its members to be “Nordic” (although that does not preclude a Jewish Councillor)?

    Well, as much as anything else, it is different and distinctive. It still canvasses, and conducts local campaigns. It is not part of any metropolitan elite. And it is at least answering, albeit very wrongly, legitimate concerns, concerns in fact widely shared within the visible ethnic minority communities.

    Of course, the people running the BNP really are vile. But if you don’t want ever-more of them in town halls and civic centres, if you don’t want them at Strasbourg, and if you don’t want them at Westminster in less than a decade, then you need to give up on the Block Parties, whose fault that serious possibility (and, in the municipal case, reality) is.

    The BNP’s answers are wrong.

    But their voters’, potential voters’, and indeed voters’ non-white neighbours’ questions are not.

  4. charliemarks Says:

    QM. I do not think it was right for whoever published the list to do so. If they wanted to get back at their old friends, they could have informed the police forces, etc.

    David – completely agree.

  5. David Lindsay Says:

    First, they came for the Nazis…

    Where to begin?

    Well, for a start, what will George George Galloway say on his talkSPORT programme this weekend, about that station’s sacking of a BNP member?

    The Police are civilians, paid to do what, if the circumstances arose, we would all do, and we would all be entitled to do, for free. They should have the right to strike. And they should have the right to join political parties.

    The Political Class wants a breakthrough for the BNP. Numerous Westminster Villagers sped that along in the polling booths of London not so long ago, making sure that the BNP got the GLA list seat for which it was in any case well on course. And they regard with unalloyed glee the prospect of at least nine, and probably 12, BNP MEPs next year. That would secure First Past The Post for at least a generation. It would be the excuse for all manner of repressive measures aimed mostly at the white working class, and therefore likely to receive little or no media coverage. And it would confirm all their own prejudices, enabling them to denounce “pandering” to actual or potential BNP voters.

    David Dimbleby displayed not one hint of irony when he glided, on Question Time, from the panel’s denunciation of the BNP to the news that in a fortnight’s time that panel would include Martin Maguinness. The BNP is currently confined (even if not for much longer) to a few council seats here and there. Whereas Northern Ireland is in fact governed by a very heavily armed gang of Marxist terrorists who act in full accord with their belief that the sovereign body throughout Ireland is their own Army Council, one member of which is Martin Maguinness.

    The BNP is, for some reason, in favour of an English Parliament. Neither Sinn Fein nor the bizarre fundamentalist sect, unconnected to mainstream Ulster Protestantism, with which it has carved up the government of Northern Ireland is in any sense normal there. Those who now run Wales by using Welsh as an upper-middle-class cordon sanitaire in English-speaking areas are neither normal residents of those areas nor normal speakers of Welsh. The SNP has nothing whatever to do with the normal political culture of Scotland, which is different hardly, of at all, from that of England in general and, if anything, the North in particular, rather than being preoccupied with constitutional questions.

    And there is nothing normal about either the BNP or a certain sort of sectarian Marxism which taps, it is true, into an older Radical idea of a pre-Imperial, and thus (it is held) pre-British, England (something similar exists in pockets of English Catholicism, with the Reformation replacing the Empire). But expect the pair of them to share the running of any English Parliament, never mind of any independent England. In the other three parts of the United Kingdom, much the same thing may already be observed, and more than observed.

  6. Seán Says:

    Remember the data on working class republicans/nationalists that found its way into the hands of loyalist death squads? How the funk did that get there?

    Oh yes, the British state and crown forces colluded, resulting in the deaths of dozens upon dozens of people.

    My schadenfreude has subsided and turned to suspicion about the reason this was leaked in the first place.

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