Stoke votes to scrap elected mayor

London’s Tory mayor, Boris Johnson has already hiked bus fares for the poorest – he’s now set to scrap the target of 50% affordable housing across the city.

One man wielding such power is the antithesis of democracy. Ideally, proposed legislation should be put to the public vote, of course. But until then we need to be sure that decisions are being made through parliamentary rather than dictatorial processes.

So it’s good to see that a majority of Stoke citizens have voted to abolish their elected mayor

The current political system, which is unique in England, will be replaced by a council leader and cabinet set-up.

The referendum vote was 21,231 for a council leader and cabinet, and 14,592 for a mayor and cabinet. The turnout was 19.23%.

A government commission said the city must change its system, under which the elected Labour mayor Mark Meredith and his chief executive make all decisions.

H/t: Miles.


6 Responses to “Stoke votes to scrap elected mayor”

  1. Stonemason Says:

    Your “a majority of Stoke citizens”

    Whilst I agree with your sentiments, I wouldn’t regard 14% of the electorate, or thereabouts, a majority.

  2. David Lindsay Says:

    Rejoice! Away with these mini-republics, which are wholly alin to these shores.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    Stonemason – badly phrased, it’s true. My bad.

    That said it’s a bit odd that on your blog it says “One Nation Politics” and below it your bio says “averse to nationalism” ;-)

  4. Stonemason Says:

    Recently modified in error from “Welsh Nationalism”.

  5. charliemarks Says:

    So British nationalism is okay with you? English nationalism? Irish nationalism?

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