Luton votes to leave EU

You probably missed this week’s edition of Tonight (formerly World In Action and as strident as the name suggests).

I saw it quite by accident; you can watch it online for the next 27 days.

Voters in Luton were given a say on the EU consti-treaty and the UK’s membership of the EU in a mock referendum. There was real campaigning however – both the “yes” and “no” supporters handed out leaflets and canvassed voters.

In the Tonight programme, Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT union, appears in person (not in a personal capacity!) to make the trade union case for withdrawal from the EU.

Here’s the result:

63% voted against the EU consti-treaty, 27% voted for it, and 10% were undecided.

54% voted to leave the EU, 35% were in favour of continued EU membership, and 11% were undecided.


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