New deal from local Greens

Before the Warwick policy forum there was talk that New Labour would concede a “New Green Deal” to the unions. No sign of such a development as yet.

Might unions in England be funding the wrong party? I only ask because…

Green councillors pledge ‘new deal’ for local economies
29th Jul 2008

Councillors will use new legal powers to create regeneration and jobs

A conference of Green councillors from across the country has pledged to use new legal powers to create thousands of jobs through green regeneration projects.

The Association of Green Councillors was responding to the new Sustainable Communities Act, which gives local authorities the right to request new powers from central government to promote local economies. The councillors were meeting on July 25th and 26th in Norwich Town Hall, where the Greens are the second party, just three seats behind Labour.

More than 100 Greens sit on principal authorities across England and Wales. They plan to use the new powers in the Act to push through a wide range of regeneration schemes in local areas as part of a wider ‘Green New Deal’ to stimulate the economy at the same time as reducing carbon emissions.

Similar schemes already being implemented by Greens on local councils aim to:

* provide free insulation to reduce fuel bills
* renew small and local businesses
* increase food production in towns and cities
* help raise finance for local energy generation

Jon Barry, who was elected chair of the Association of Green Councillors at the meeting, said:

“Green councillors backed the introduction of the Sustainable Communities Act, and now we plan to use it to make a real difference in our local areas. The schemes we will be proposing will build stronger local economies, create jobs, reduce money spent on energy bills and cut food costs. This weekend has given Green councillors plenty of inspiring ideas to keep us the most effective in the country.”


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