On your bike, Cameron

He’s had his bike nicked, of course, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s the point(s).

Dave’s trying to convince us he cares about working class families by promising to fund a 100,000 apprenticeships if he wins the next election. ‘Cause, like, they’ve done a lot for the unemployed in the past… (Cameron and his “New” Tories were on the scene when the Old Tories were in office. The economic policies haven’t changed, and won’t change under another Tory administration.)

He’s so committed to saving the discredited centralised British state that he’s working on a merger with the Ulster Unionists – well, it’s not as if the Tories are having any luck in Scotland or Wales. Since the UUP is the second-largest unionist party in the North of Ireland, it would appear the Tories are not having much luck in Ireland, either.

And despite his talk of empowering people, Cameron is said to have overruled the Welsh Conservatives‘ support for a petition on the Welsh Assembly becoming a full parliamentary body.

And don’t worry, I’ll give Gordon Brown a literary kicking on the morrow.


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