New Labour and Tories have a dirty weekend

* The Tory Mayor of London, Borisconi has lost a deputy over claims of corruption and sexual impropriety. That’s bad enough, but the Tory leader David Cameron was quite fond of this guy, Ray Lewis…

* Labour’s would-be candidate for the Glasgow East by-election failed to attend the selection meeting and dropped out, leaving the party without a candidate. Word is that his past nationalistic tendencies would prove embarrassing: the SNP are the main challenger in this safe Labour seat.

* Shadow Chancellor Gideon George Osborne has denied breaking his party’s rules by accepting ten grand for appearing at the conference of the Institute of Directors. He’s refusing to give the money back…

* Back in the confusing world of Scottish Labour politics, Margaret Curran, a member of the Scottish parliament, is tipped to be Labour’s candidate for the British parliament. This is particularly problematic – in the past, Labour made much of the SNP’s Alex Salmond being a member of both parliaments…

* The Tories have adopted a modified verson of the Scottish and Welsh nationalists’ proposals for tacking the soaring cost of fuel. The difference? Plaid Cymru and the Scottish Nationalists want a fuel price regulator, the Tories want a fuel price stabiliser. It’s a matter of branding…

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