An effing wipeout: ministers vote to keep their lavish expenses, ask workers to put up with pay cuts

You might be wondering, “What ever happened to Alistair Darling’s call for restraint?

From the boardroom to the shop floor, he said, wages must be held down in the face of rapidly rising living costs.

Our darling Chancellor never said anything about expenses, though, which might explain why over thirty New Labour ministers voted against reforming MPs pay and expenses – ministers like Andy Burnham, Caroline Flint, Tony McNulty, and Jacqui Smith voted for the corrupt status quo.

Gordon Brown didn’t even turn up to vote. He didn’t cajole or bribe his ministers to do the right thing.

Yesterday a letter was leaked showing that Geoff Hoon was either joking about the corruption which took place during the 42 day detention vote, or worse actually promising a bribe to the leader of an influential parliamentary committee.

It’s too much.

John McDonnell, who attempted to challenge Brown’s coronation last year, thinks Labour is heading for “a fucking wipeout“…

I fear that unless those few real Labour members of parliament take action, they will be booted out with the New Labour careerists at the next election.


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