Tony Benn backs David Davis

Benn has taken some flak for doing this (see here) but given that the election is being fought over the question of civil liberties, he’s right to back Davis. And this election will expose the divisions within Cameron’s New Tories – shattering Dave’s nice guy facade.

Davis’ resignation highlights the fact that contentious policies such as pre-charge detention and ID cards are decided by politicians – those least-trusted by the public (and with good reason, the government’s victory on the 42 days vote was due to bribery and bullying). Why leave important issues to politicans? Shouldn’t we have our say?

One Response to “Tony Benn backs David Davis”

  1. Caroline Says:

    now that the greens are standing in H&H, i hope tony benn and bob marshall-andrews will go and speak in support of their candidate, not DD. the greens are a million miles ahead of DD on civil liberties (obviously!), in fact even on green issues they are much less authoritarian than the major parties (they are prepared to regulate business, unlike new labour, so they’re not reliant on lecturing/regulating individuals). Also if you read stuff by their principal speaker derek wall, are increasingly eco-socialist these days. at long last the malign influence of anti-union right wingers like jonathan porrit (urgh) seems to be wearing off the green movement. have been really impressed by tony juniper of FOE when i’ve heard him speaking at trade union events, for example.

    anyway veering off the point a bit, but i guess for me the only hope for the future is NOT an anti-authoritarian/anti-new labour alliance, it is a red/green/anti-authoritarian alliance…

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