Brown buys votes to survive, but is given a let-off by David Davis

Timing is everything.

This should have taken place 24 hours later:

It would have made Davis seem less impulsive, for one, and would have allowed greater media attention to be focused on Brown buying votes to save his skin.

Rumours abound that Davis – who won’t be challenged by the Liberals – will face a victim or survivor of a terrorist attack, rather than an official Labour candidate, in the by-election.

The Sun, the only national newspaper that backed the police-state measure of increasing detention without charge, could field a candidate – or rather, The Sun‘s proprietor, the tax-dodging union-busting war-monger Rupert Murdoch could be financing an opponent of Davis.

So, this was not an opportunistic decision. Davis must know that the desire in ruling circles is for the further erosion of civil liberties, not the restoration and extension of democratic rights. I suspect he will struggle to get his message across as the Murdoch press will stop at nothing to portray him as an oddball.


3 Responses to “Brown buys votes to survive, but is given a let-off by David Davis”

  1. Toque Says:

    A competition between Davis and Kelvin McKenzie – financed by Rupert Mudoch – would be great.

  2. tally Says:

    I would like to see David Dvis reaffirm his commitment to an English Parliament. There is already cross party support for this at Westminster, so it follows that it will be the same in his constituency. He should make it a mini referendum.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    Well, he’s had the balls to come out and fight for civil rights – perhaps he’ll come out for devolution, too? And the promised vote on the EU treaty, which is to be ratified, despite the historic “no” vote from Ireland? I hope these issues will also get coverage, though I suspect that the campaign will be limited, since Davis and Murdoch are most likely agreed on the EU. Can’t see Murdoch being keen on an English parliament, mind…

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