Scottish Labour U-turn on independence referendum

More woe for Gordo?

A survey of the Lords has found that most believe devolution has damaged rather than strenghtened the Union and boosted nationalist sentiment in Scotland and Wales.

Wendy Alexander’s latest desperate move is to signal that she won’t oppose a referendum on independence, which is desired by the SNP government but won’t be possible if Unionist parties stand in the way. Alexander, who faced a scandal over dodgy donations, has already converted to socialism in her efforts to maintain her position as leader. What next, will she come out in support of independence?

Scottish Labour Party leader Wendy Alexander has called on the Scottish Government to “bring on” a referendum on independence.

Signalling a shift from previous comments, Ms Alexander said the SNP should have the “courage of its convictions”.

First Minister Alex Salmond said those opposed to the independence referendum were beginning to “crack”.

He said the government’s referendum bill would be brought forward in 2010.

Next steps

Ms Alexander’s comments followed reports in the Sunday Mail newspaper reports that she and Gordon Brown were “considering” supporting a referendum.

There was also a hint from the convener of the Constitutional Commission, set up by the unionist parties to examine the next steps for devolution, that a referendum may be required.

Sir Kenneth Calman:”It depends on the amount of change (recommended).

“If that change is small, then maybe there would not be any opportunity to do that, but I think it would be up to parliament to decide whether this was a significant enough change to take things further.”

As recently as March, Ms Alexander stated her opposition to an independence referendum when she was questioned in a BBC Scotland news website webcast.

On BBC Scotland’s Politics Show on Sunday, Ms Alexander seemed to have softened her stance, saying she had not ruled out a referendum.


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