Hundreds of print workers sacked by private equity pirates!

After an overwhelming majority of balloted workers backed strike action, private equity pirate Mike Dolan threatened to shut down Butler and Tanner Printers Ltd.

First of all he claimed the original ballot was rigged, then he went ahead with an unofficial ballot, which was shunned by unionised staff – and when it was certain that the strike was going to proceed as planned on Wednesday he threatened to sack all of them, even though negotiations were ongoing at ACAS.

On Saturday, all 287 workers recieved letters informing them they were sacked with immediate effect, as the company has been put into recievership and they will not be paid the wages they are owed!

From the BBC website:

The news came as negotiations between the Unite union and Butler and Tanner were taking place at conciliation service ACAS in Bristol.

Unite said an average salary of £1,200 was due to each employee this month.

The letters received by staff stated that the company was “unable to invoice sufficient work to pay this month’s wages” and that “strict security” had been imposed at the site.

Sounds like a big “fuck off” to the people who have built the business up from the pirates who bought it last year.

Dolan is a particularly obnoxious character, damned by his own words:

Chairman, Mike Dolan, said: “Shareholders were unwilling to pour good money down what they consider to be a drain and they declined to make further funding available.

“Their [the union’s] miscalculation has cost 300 people their jobs and sadly, 100 of those people were not even in the union

But, erm – you’re the one shutting up shop, Mike… Haven’t you just sacked 300 people because you wouldn’t continue negotiating with their union? They’ll be mad at you, hence the “strict security”.

“The union has shown utter contempt for its own members and Butler & Tanner by unnecessarily publicising their strike threat in a crass attempt to exert pressure on the company.

Gee, Mike – why else would workers go on strike? The withdrawal of labour is done precisely to exert pressure on employers. It’s not crass, it’s the whole fucking point!

Mr Dolan said if the threat of industrial action had been lifted MPI would have funded the business through what is traditionally a quiet time for Butler and Tanner. […]

National officer for Unite Ann Field said: “Unite will be demanding recompense in full from the perpetrators of this despicable act sacrificing people’s jobs and livelihoods.

“Mike Dolan and former boss Andrew Hillman should be called to account for what they have done to the workers’ jobs, their pensions and their community.”

The management was still at the debating table on Friday and gave no indication the company was about to be closed, Ms Field said.


One Response to “Hundreds of print workers sacked by private equity pirates!”

  1. Ray Pairan Jr. Says:

    Do to the direct manipulation by the business elite of this malleable economic system we have ended up with a distorted hideous dysfunctional relic. The distortion of the labor market by the business elite in order to reduce our equality of interest within the system envisioned by Adam Smith is now perturbing the system (Chaos Theory, Complex Systems – Santa Fe Institute) sending ripple upon ripple of economic disturbance across the globe.

    Through the business elite’s manipulative contrivances that allow them to scour the planet in search of low wage labor while labor is relatively constrained from free mobility because of nation-state laws and economic circumstance the bargaining power of labor is now negligible. With direct control over the civil society and complete influence through their media interests and other outlets of communication the business elite continue to validate the instituted governmental, religious, and societal norms that enhance their direct unfettered control over all the working class. We will never know whether the utopian economic system envisioned by Adam Smith would ever have functioned as envisioned but one thing is abundantly clear any economic model that doesn’t account for the inherent instability of human beings is irrelevant.

    Instability is now the touchstone reflected in the daily perturbations coursing across the economic system, civil society, and social consciousness. With income ‘dripping’ in imperceptible ‘drops’ down upon the outstretched ‘hands’ of toiling workers their now exists such an extreme mal-distribution relative to the top 5% of the business elite that consumption (spending) by the working class is almost completely choked off. Coupled with inflationary price distortions that have raised food, and energy costs beyond the reach of only the most income resilient citizens of the developed world we have a fast approaching economic societal disaster moving into view. The shock waves of which are already further perturbing the contrived system with 65,000 retail stores projected to close within the upcoming months, durable goods (big ticket items – cars, refrigerators, etc.) orders falling precipitately, unprecedented mortgage foreclosures, and other to numerous indicators of a working class no longer able to just acquire credit from the ‘company stores’ (banks, credit cards) in order to shore up our paltry wages.

    This totalitarian economic society contrived in the interests of the business elite channels greed, corruption, environmental destruction, inequity, disruption, unreliability, instability, governmental malfeasance, and government by lobbyist into a stream of putrid slime that is raining its filth across our planet. It is time to take back our governments, exert our power in numbers, pressure our governmental representatives into the realization that they’ll be held to account for their treasonous actions unless they dislodge the lobbyist tentacles, protest, and organize within the remaining viable labor unions. Act now not tomorrow – from the standpoint of economic justice they’ll be no tomorrow if we disregard reality.

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