Labour Party goes for Brown’s Balls

That’s a title I could not resist. Ostensibly I am blogging about Charles Clarke – uber-Blairite – and his attack on Yvette Cooper’s husband, the apple of Gordon’s eye, Ed Balls.

But actually this is about the more general discontent within the parliamentary Labour Party: no doubt fearful of losing their seats should the May 1st council elections boost the Tories, Labour MPs have been forced to act on the government’s doubling of taxes for low-income workers – and it seems that Brown has been forced to admit to being wrong as a result:

Gordon Brown has told Labour MPs he understands their concerns about the abolition of the 10p tax rate. […]

The PM told the Parliamentary Labour Party work would begin immediately to address concerns but warned: “We can’t have the Budget defeated.” […]

More than 70 Labour MPs have signed motions raising concerns but it is not known how many will vote against the measure next week.

Labour MP Frank Field, who has tabled an amendment calling for compensation for those who have lost out, urged the government “to bring forward specific proposals” to protect low-paid workers.

Brown needn’t play the lottery, but if he did, he would be anticipating another number coming up after 10, namely 42… (Now it seems councils have been using anti-terror laws to stop kids buying booze!)

As Adam Price notes:

In just under ten months, Gordon Brown has suffered 95 rebellions from his back benchers. The attacks are now coming from every direction. Who would have thought following all the joy surrounding his predecessors’ departure that Prime Minister Brown would be heckled with the exact same ghusto at the Labour Party’s Parliamentary meetings as Mr Blair?

Adam’s solution to compensating those affected by the new tax changes is to start taxing pornography. Not a bad idea – perhaps in future we’ll see the Chancellor putting up the duty on booze, fags and porn come Budget day…

As regards the Chancellor, Darling has a confession to make:

Chancellor Darling admitted yesterday that ‘of course’ he knew that abolishing the 10p tax rate would affect five million low-paid workers.

However, in an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr he refused to pledge that he would reinstate the 10p tax for the lower paid. […]

Interviewer Marr pressed him: ‘so you knew that five point something million people were going to lose out from this and these are single low paid people. How does that make you feel? Did you come into politics to do this?’

Darling said: ‘I came into politics to encourage people to work hard to see the benefits of their work.’

Yeah, right…

Getting back to Gordon, he’s been telling the Scottish TUC to support the Union of England and Scotland – which as everyone knows is the only union that Brown has any interest in defending. Given that the STUC almost backed the Scottish nationalists in the 2007 elections it’s a wonder he’d raise the issue…


One Response to “Labour Party goes for Brown’s Balls”

  1. Ray Pairan Jr. Says:

    Make no mistake the business elite utilizes symbols and all aspects of control over societies through espousing “right thought” in education, marketing, events, and anything that is even indirectly tied to their interests globally.

    Any deviation by labor and/or average citizens from support of the business elite’s campaign of deception in the face of outright coercion of labor is met with stiff resistance by governments that are increasingly controlled by the powerful business elite. The only way the business elite can continue to spread their unreality (a world of global bliss through unfettered free market activity) is by shrouding reality with symbols of global unity. Through these symbols of global unity the business elite extrapolate images of cooperative, compliant, blissfully ignorant, pliable, satisfied global citizen’s frolic ling happily ‘to and fro’ while the ‘wonderful wheels’ of the ‘free market’ turn relentlessly in rhythmic motion.

    Keep in mind these deceptively inviting images of global unity are in fact the underpinnings of dominance by the business elite over every aspect of global governance. It is a governance that is symbolically exercised in a few ‘democracies’ and directly exercised in some totalitarian countries by the globally connected corporations, financiers – in essence the business elite.

    It also represents an expertly coordinated attempt by the business elite to utilize you in your daily work efforts in their businesses as cheaply as possible. Pushing the shroud of unreality away you quickly realize that your not a human being but just another resource that the business elite utilizes in it’s corporations to extract more and more income from a world that is less and less able to sustain itself. Their only objective is to acquire greater hordes of wealth from a world that it trembling in death throws – a direct result of environmental degradation, a mal-distribution of income, overt & covert governmental domination over their citizenry, and just a total malfeasance of responsibility to their fellow citizens.

    Any attempt by the citizens of the world to break free from this ‘gooey’ symbolic unity of thought out into the open plains of unencumbered free thought based upon the reality that they confront daily is met with stiff confrontation by the governmental puppets of the business elite. All global citizens should resolve to remove the shroud of unreality, exert their control over their governments, exercise their rights of self determination, and disregard or destroy any symbols that represent corporate (business elite) control over their daily lives. Stride forward the winds of change are behind our backs.

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