Bleeding obvious, Darling

On BBC One’s ten pm news programme Sgt. Bilko (my pet name for Nick Robinson) said Darling was stating the bleeding obvious.

On BBC Two’s Newsnight, Michael Crick also said the Chancellor was bleeding obvious.

What was it that Alistair said?

In a frank confession that shocked Labour MPs, the Chancellor said the party lacked a clear message and had failed to connect with voters. […]

Speaking on a visit to China, Mr Darling said: “We have got to make sure that … we sharpen ourselves up, that we have a clear message of what we are about.” […]

The Chancellor rejected suggestions that senior ministers, including Schools Secretary Ed Balls, are jockeying for position in a Labour leadership contest in case the Prime Minister is forced out. […]

“This is a time when we should remember why we stand for government, the purpose of being in government.”

Erm, what’s that then? To serve ordinary working people? No, don’t be silly – they’re in it to help out the super-rich.

Gawd knows, they need our help:

The Bank of England is poised to launch a new lending programme for UK banks in an effort to break the logjam in the credit market, the BBC has learned.

Final details are still being worked out including the scale of the plan and the exact terms.

But it will be similar to moves in the US, will be backed by the Treasury and could be launched as soon as next week.

The scheme would temporarily allow banks to swap their mortgage-based assets for government bonds.

That’s a clear enough message, Darling!


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