No NHS privatisation for us, say devolved governments

This is from Healthcare Republic… (And might I remind you that England does not have a devolved government, so healthcare policy is controlled by the British parliament? Oh, I just did.)

Celtic governments reject privatisation agenda adopted in England

The three Celtic governments will not pursue the privatisation agenda being adopted in England, according to GPC Northern Ireland.

Dr Brian Dunn, GPC Northern Ireland chairman, was more concerned about the threat to general practice from the five large trusts in Northern Ireland.

Speaking at the Northern Ireland LMC conference in Newcastle, County Down on Sunday, Dr Dunn said that a rare joint statement from the health ministers of three countries implied they were distancing themselves from the use of private providers as in England.

The statement was signed by Scottish health minister Nicola Sturgeon, Northern Irish minister of health Michael McGimpsey and Welsh minister for health and social services Edwina Hart.

‘All three ministers are implying they are not in favour of a privatisation agenda. Our government certainly does not have a privatisation agenda, and none of the three political parties are promoting it,’ Dr Dunn said.


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