Living wage for London mayor?

A challenge to Red Ken and Green Sian, I suppose. Can’t see Boris Johnson taking her up on this…

In the light of the revelations over Ministers expense claims, Lindsey German, the Left List Mayoral candidate has today pledged to only take an average London wage as Mayor of London and to publish and account for any expenses.

She is issuing a challenge to the other candidates to do the same: “Its time for Ken, Boris, Sian and Brian to put their money where their mouth is.” Stated Lindsey today “A mayor who is paid hundreds of thousands of pounds is not in touch with the reality of living in London. If they really want to make London a better place for working people then they should join me in this pledge.”

“Just look at the MP’s – it is absolutely no surprise that politicians are so out of touch with the reality of every day life for normal people. They are immune to the great hikes in fuel bills, grocery costs and even telephone bills. For most people it’s a real struggle to keep up with these expenses, but the politicians are oblivious to this.”

“What do these people get a wage for? It seems their expenses cover everything they need, and then they get a huge salary on top!” said Lindsey German on learning about the expenses of the political elite in Westminster.

Lindsey concluded: “It is shocking that we have to pay £5,000 to keep Gordon Brown’s home clean. Is he allergic to vacuum cleaners?”

2 Responses to “Living wage for London mayor?”

  1. Dave, The Void On Fire Says:

    If it’s a swipe at anyone, surely it’s more at Galloway than anyone else? Anyway, I think it’s a nice idea, it kind of highlights the divide between the political class and those they claim to represent.

  2. charliemarks Says:

    Really, would Lindsay be so preoccupied with GG? I doubt it. Anyhoo, it’s a popular measure – and not without good reason. What better way to keep elected officials in touch with ordinary people than to make them take the wages of the average joe?

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