Plans for Britishness army of English state school kids

The Guardian reports that

Controversial plans for pupils in comprehensive schools to sign up for military drills and weapons training are being backed by Gordon Brown in an attempt to improve the relationship between the public and the armed forces.

Given that this is being done to boost support for the US/UK wars in the Middle East, the legacy of the British Empire, and the centralisation of the British state – rather than to help defend the country – it should be viewed as another step towards fascism.

Unemployment and the lack of affordable recreational activities is at the root of anti-social behaviour. Where are the jobs for the millions of young people out of work?

Who came up with this idea, a Tory? Oh wait…

The government-commissioned review of civil and military relations, led by Quentin Davies, the Labour MP, was ‘alarmed’ at the number of schoolchildren who had no idea of military life. Davies wants secondary school pupils to receive basic military training as a means of developing greater affiliation with the armed forces.

Davies, who was a Tory MP before defecting to Labour last year, said his controversial proposals to expand the cadet structure throughout the comprehensive system were firmly backed by the Prime Minister, the Children’s Secretary Ed Balls and defence ministers.

The cadet structure will be English-only but I expect it will still be imbued with “Britishness” propaganda. This will teach kids that they are “British”, that they live in “Britain” – and only those kids that go to state schools…

However, the recommendation is contentious for other reasons, with teaching unions last month claiming school-based cadets were merely a questionable tactic of military recruitment. Recently, the army announced a bursary scheme for thousands of school leavers in an effort to boost recruitment amid a projected 10 per cent shortfall in troop numbers.

Last month the National Union of Teachers pointed to evidence from the Rowntree Trust that suggested the MoD was focusing disproportionately on schools in the most disadvantaged areas and targeting vulnerable pupils without clearly outlining the risks of an army career.

Kids in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, won’t be forced into Brown’s Britishness army. So why is it only England? Perhaps it’s the lack of devolution