Journalists strike at the Express and the Star!

Richard Desmond pays himself a million quid a week for owning the bloody paper, yet won’t give a decent pay increase for those who write the paper! Desmond won’t be hit too hard by growing inflation, but his employees will. Hence the strike action:

NUJ members at the Express and Star are on strike today (04/04) following refusal by the papers’ management to meaningfully negotiate a fair pay deal for journalists.

Picket lines in London and Preston were manned from 6am this morning and over 100 messages of support have flooded in from journalists across the country. It is the first full-day strike by journalists on a major national newspaper in 18 years.

The strike at Express Newspapers follows a refusal by management to engage in meaningful negotiations with the NUJ on pay. The company is attempting to force a three per cent pay rise on journalists, despite having increased its printers’ pay by 4.3 per cent. NUJ members working on the company’s papers, the daily and Sunday titles of the Express and Star, say they are working under ever-greater pressures yet getting scant recognition for their efforts by management.

Union members on the picket lines are carrying placards with slogans designed to drive home their message, including: “3% is not OK!”, referring to the celebrity magazine also owned by Express proprietor Richard Desmond, and “pay up RICHard”.

Guess which political party this parasite supports? That’s right, New Labour…

RICHard says he’s a socialist. What – like Wendy Alexander is a socialist?

He’s having a laugh, isn’t he?


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