Teachers take stand against war, Tories fail to force inquiry on Iraq

Opportunism from the Tories – who backed the war in Iraq – a call for an immediate inquiry into the events in the run-up to the 2003 invasion. There’s local elections in a few weeks, dontchaknow?

MPs rejected an attempt to force an independent probe, despite support from the Lib Dems and 12 Labour rebels.

The government’s parliamentary majority of 67 was more than halved as it won by 299 to 271 votes.

A government amendment, recognising an time will come when an inquiry is “appropriate” but not during “important operations” in Iraq, was passed.

It was carried by 299 votes to 259 – a government majority of 40.

The good news is that in future parliament will have a greater say on going to war in future – better news would be a public vote on going to war… Given the news that 14 MPs expenses won’t be publicly disclosed as promised, you can see why I’m not jumping for joy at Jack Straw’s pitiful announcement.

As for Iraq, are the British really sitting back while a second surge is launched, this time in Basra in the south of the country, can we believe reports they are confined to their bases? One news broadcast let slip they’ve carried out air attacks against resistance groups – which is in effect helping the Iraqi puppet army.

More good news from the National Union of Teachers conference:

Conference voted overwhelmingly to support a motion opposing military recruitment in schools and to support teachers, students and parents who choose not to take part in events organised by the military.

The motion also called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and for protests if there is any attack on Iran.

The NUT executive moved an amendment, which was passed, strengthening the motion by calling for a convention to be called including teachers, educationalists and Stop the War activists.

Alas, news reports on the conference’s call for religious teaching in state schools to be broadened to meet the needs of other faiths has focused only on Islam. Is another of the regular Islamophobic feeding frenzies about to begin?


5 Responses to “Teachers take stand against war, Tories fail to force inquiry on Iraq”

  1. landsker Says:

    It is really a positive outcome, when the teachers drive the recruiters from the classroom, now if we could only drive them from the high street, and the newspapers and television.
    Or better still, cut military spending to the levels in Iceland, which is nil, not one soldier in that fine nation.
    It suprises me that some teachers are calling for more religion, that is a real puzzle?

  2. thud Says:

    yeah, like iceland..that makes perfect sense.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    No, they’re not after more religion – it’s about ensuring that kids have some knowledge of other people’s religious beliefs. The media played the teaching the Koran line but i remember learning about Islam when I was at school – just as I learned about Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, humanism, etc.

  4. landsker Says:

    Ah, OK. I misunderstood, ” teaching about religion” is obviously miles from “teaching” religion.
    Back in the fifties, when this lad was little, we had hymn singing and bible bashing, officially endorsed and part of the curriculum.
    There was no mention of Islam, except in the history classes, as “enemies of the crusaders”.
    Judaism/Bhuddism etc were never mentioned and “heroes” were men who died on the battlefield, whilst killing “foreigners”.
    The curriculum then was meant to produce servants of the British empire and the crown, with dissenters flogged and caned after morning assemblies.
    One wonders when the history classes in british schools will include details of “dodgy dossiers”, and “cash for peerages”, or details of the BAE bribery case…

  5. charliemarks Says:

    As for British nationalism being taught in schools, Brown’s quite keen on that practice being revived: https://charliemarks.wordpress.com/2008/02/05/will-teachers-in-england-be-forced-to-promote-british-nationalism/

    One wonders when the history classes in british schools will include details of “dodgy dossiers”, and “cash for peerages”, or details of the BAE bribery case…

    Here’s your answer: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/iraq-teachers-told-to-rewrite-history-795711.html

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