Army to spend two million pounds on war propaganda campaign

The top brass of the army are spending two million pounds on a propaganda campaign to legitimise the wars in the Middle East by utilising the public support for serving soldiers.

Supposedly this just happens to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Yeah, right. No one thought to check up on the date? Hmm – I think that they did…

People are invited to send comments to a website to show support for the armed forces – all very well, but would the not money be better spent on helping those families who have lost loved ones in recent conflicts, assisting survivors and refugees? What about improving forces housing?

No, not for the British ruling class. They are running out of fresh cannon fodder – its thought recruitment will be ten per cent less than the target, this even after the standards have been lowered. It’s also becoming more difficult to retain

Public support for the wars has not been significantly improved, and that’s despite:

* lies and exaggerations about service personnel being insulted and assaulted on the streets (maybe on the streets of Afghanistan and Iraq, but certainly not here!) when wearing their uniforms.

* Prince Harry’s phoney war in Afghanistan (covered up by the mainstream media) from which he was quickly withdrawn

* the media campaign for an Armed Forces Day, championed as part of Brown’s “Britishness” agenda

As for the war in Iraq, might we get an inquiry into the decision-making that led to the UK government joining the US “coalition of the willing”?

I doubt it:

Tories and Liberal Democrats will next week put renewed pressure on Labour MPs to back a Commons motion calling for a public inquiry into the conduct of the war in Iraq, and the level of pre-war planning.

In a letter to the Fabian Society , Gordon Brown said Labour agrees in principle to mounting an inquiry, but that he could not hold an inquiry now into events five years ago since it might jeopardise the position and morale of British troops in Iraq.

The decision to call a fresh Commons debate next Tuesday demanding an inquiry was taken by the Conservatives. The shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, said: “As we reach the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq it is becoming imperative to begin an inquiry before memories have faded, emails have been deleted and documents have disappeared. The remaining arguments against an inquiry could just as well be used to justify its indefinite postponement.

“Now that our troops are in an over-watch role it should be possible to begin the inquiry, which the whole nation wants.”

Hague’s initiative won the support of the Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman, Ed Davey. He said: “Anything [that] gets the government to hold a full inquiry into the Iraq war as soon as possible will have the support of the Liberal Democrats.”

The Lib Dems believe that Brown wants to postpone an inquiry until after the next election, using the continued indefinite deployment of British troops, or the fragility of Iraq’s democracy as a reason for delay.


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