Armed Forces Day? Erm, that’d be Remembrance Sunday, then?

As David Lindsay correctly points out, we already have a day in which the armed forces are commemorated, namely the eleventh of November:

the whole point of it is that it is not a public holiday. Rather, at eleven o’clock in the morning, the ordinary routine of daily life is interrupted.

But that’s not enough for some people. (Namely, government ministers and the top brass of the armed forces.)

No, some people want to have a public holiday to legitimise the unpopular wars of occupation in the Middle East by celebrating those sent to fight said wars.

So, now we know what the Peterborough airmen affair was about: building momentum for such a public holiday to be introduced whilst at the same time innoculating against participation in the worldwide March 15 “five years on” anti-war demonstrations…

7 Responses to “Armed Forces Day? Erm, that’d be Remembrance Sunday, then?”

  1. a very public sociologist Says:

    Ugh, the last thing we could do with is an official day off just to wave flags. Just a day off without any crap will be fine and dandy thanks.

  2. Dave H Says:

    Actually Remembrance Day is when we remember the casualties of war, not commemorate the military.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    That’s Brown’s argument, Dave… It’s splitting hairs somewhat. We also remember those ex-service personnel who are the walking wounded of recent wars as well as those still serving, those facing injury, possibly death, fighting expensive and immoral wars of occupation in the Middle East.

    The plans for an armed forces day are part of the whole Britishness thing that the government is keen on. It would aid the denial of national identity and self-determination for the nations that comprise the UK. The thinking is, the UK armed forces is one of the few – perhaps the only – “British” institution that still commands respect. What better way to drag the English from the St George’s Cross than to use the armed forces to administer a dose of Britishness?

    As for an official day off to wave flags – St George’s day, perhaps?

  4. Seán Says:

    I think we missed the boat when we didn’t get rid of May Day and replace it with Queen Mother Day. Gawd bless em all. *Doffs cap* and pledges allegiance to the symbols of Britishness… Test me go on, test me!

  5. charliemarks Says:

    You know what’s curious about Britishness – it’s like trying to rebrand Gengis Khan as a New Man or make out that Charlie Manson is a bit eccentric…

  6. Seán Says:

    Britishness: Like picking up mercury with a fork.

    Britain needs to be obliterated for the English to truly move forward.

  7. charliemarks Says:

    True, and for the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, and Manx too…

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