Why public ownership of public utilities will be cheaper for the average family…

I give you this, from the Torygraph by way of explanation:

Bills reach £42 a day as cost of living soars
By Lewis Carter
Last Updated: 2:45am GMT 03/03/2008

The average British family is having to spend £42 a day on bills, as the cost of living continues to increase.

* Phone firms profit from cash or cheque fees

Household bills have risen to £3,426 a year for the typical family, it is claimed, a figure that will rise again next month when council tax and water bills increase.

Added to the average mortgage, which costs almost £12,000 a year, it brings the annual bill to more than £15,000 – or £42 a day.

Data shows that mortgage costs have increased by an average of £600 from this time last year as a result of Bank of England rate rises and the impact of the credit crunch.

But it is the rising cost of utilities which is squeezing finances.

So folks, we need a Campaign for Public Ownership.

Don’t expect the Torygraph to start plugging it…

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