Prince Harry doesn’t like England


But he does like Afghanistan.

He says he’d like to return.

To Afghanistan, that is. He’s in England now.

All he got was a lousy propaganda coup, and the government takes most of that:

The Sun, in 11 pages of sycophantic coverage of the Harry the hero of Helmand story (inclusive of a pull-out poster), proudly reported yesterday that Harry had killed 30 Taliban fighters, a far cry from his earlier comments, when the press reported his words on hearing he was being posted to Iraq: ”I’m shitting myself”.

The Sun was not alone in prostrating itself in front of this blood-soaked parasite, the servility was ubiquitous: The Dailly Mail gave ten pages to the story, Daily Star (5 pages), Daily Express (10 pages), Daily Mirror (14 pages), Daily Telegraph (5 pages), The Times (7 pages). How much of this coverage of Harry’s exploits was given over to the millions killed as a direct result of the post 9-11 invasion of Afghanistan, or to the real reason that country was invaded – oil? What, you really need me to answer this for you? A cursory look at The Sun’s coverage would suggest the whole “Harry in Afghanistan” thing was stage managed; one huge photo-posing opportunity to boost the popularity of the royals and to gauge public support for what is becoming a very unpopular war.


3 Responses to “Prince Harry doesn’t like England”

  1. Paul Galley Says:

    Hello very socialist and caring of you to call another human being a parasite.

    Prince Harry has done a great job because he could have avoided going to Afghanistan but wanted to go to be with his men and that shows character and is something to be admired.

  2. charliemarks Says:

    I don’t recall having refered to Harry as a parasite. But sadly, though he went to Afghanistan, I doubt he was as exposed as those fighting alongside him – none of whom will be brought home for their safety. I think it would be much braver and would show much greater character if he joined the protest against the war on March 15, and demanded his comrades be brought home to defend the people, not the profiteers.

  3. Seán Says:

    His was the shortest tour of duty of any soldier currently in a war zone. Working class squaddies are sent from one war zone to another, while Brown tells us he is withdrawing troops from Iraq; which is a lie.

    And I do think he is a parasite.

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