Church of England calls on govt to drop 42 day pre-charge detention plans

Yes, really.

I expect The Sun and the rest will be claiming this as proof that the Church is soft on “Islamo-fascist” terrorism…

It’s actually proof that few people outside of Number 10 think the government’s plans will be of any benefit.

The Church of England has called on the government to drop proposals to extend the period for which terrorism suspects can be held without charge.

Ministers have published plans to increase the maximum detention period from the current 28 days to 42.

The Church’s ruling body, the General Synod, said the move would disturb the “careful balance” between individual liberty and national security.

A motion was supported by 235 out of 244 synod members meeting in London.

‘Oppressive’ move

Dr Philip Giddings, of Oxford, who presented the motion, said he was aware the government was in a difficult situation but that there was no compelling evidence in favour of change.

“So far the 28-day limit has proved sufficient. The government suggests that soon it might not be,” he said.

“Clearly it is difficult to draw a hard and fast line. Hard cases make bad law.

“Four weeks is already a considerable disruption of the life of an innocent person, and his family. Six weeks would be even more oppressive.”

Dr Giddings said terror suspects could be subject to continued surveillance or control orders as an alternative to custody.


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