Will teachers in England be forced to promote British nationalism?

Now, remember when you read the following – it would only apply to children in England:

The subject of teaching Britishness in schools has taken a fresh twist with claims that patriotism should be taught as a “controversial issue”.

The government wants children to develop a sense of British identity through history lessons.

But academics at the Institute of Education say pupils should not be encouraged to love Britain because it has a “morally ambiguous” history.

They also found just 9% of teachers think schools should teach patriotism.

And if the poll is correct, the majority of teachers are right. It’s not their job to preach, but to teach. Hence the name “teacher”.

But that’s beside the point, according to David Blunkett, former education secretary and total bastard, who claims:

too few teachers have been trained up to give compulsory citizenship classes.

He is calling on the Schools Secretary Ed Balls to employ a full-time minister to ensure government targets are met.

The Department for Schools insists it is “fully committed to high quality teaching of the subject”.

From 2002, citizenship lessons became a legal requirement for pupils from age 11 to 16 at schools in England.

Statutory citizenship education is not part of the national curriculum in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Wonko is of the opinion that the project is doomed to failure.


9 Responses to “Will teachers in England be forced to promote British nationalism?”

  1. Leftwing Criminologist Says:

    Not keen at all on that proposal.

    I do think that secondary school children should have lessons on society – not particularly in a sociological manner, but more in terms of stuff about the criminal justice system, benefits, education and debates around that. I guess it would be done in line with the latest government line on the issues (ie. education should be privatised and anyone on benefits is a scrounger line of thought).
    It just strikes me that most people don’t know half of the things that are criminalised under criminal law are.

  2. Seán Says:

    Citizenship classes are a waste of time in a society where all are regarded as merely consumers, rather than citizens.

    Britain is a totally fucked entity – I’m surprised the union has held together this long.

    We are definitely witnessing the death throws of the long slow death of English imperialism. How it develops over the next decade or so will be very interesting. Expect a reactionary backlash.

  3. St Express Says:

    British Nationalism whats that, well yes , it sucks all right labour like no other before sat on the self destruct button gaff after gaff,octopus pulling in all directions going nowhere but down, ideas in wasting money , they have thought of them all …middle England is seething even getting angry,if there is a recession it will kick off…..

  4. charliemarks Says:

    Lefty: i agree with you, but I think that an attempt to preach to kids the govt. line on education, welfare, citizenship, etc. is bound to fail. Not least because the teachers aren’t keen on pushing a government line – and certainly not one on privatisation!

    Sean: It’s not correct in Marxist or any other terms to call British imperialism “English imperialism” – but I agree, slow death is what we’re seeing.

    St Express: British nationalism was and is an attempt to manufacture a common national identity for the peoples of England, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and Northern Ireland in an attempt to hold the Union together and make working people identify with imperialism and the capitalist class.

  5. St Express Says:

    yes well,identities are changing or moving to different grounds,British Imperialism,English Imperialism Scottish? the schools in England are the worst they have ever been,& the Nhs, privatation is the only answer at the moment,if i had kids again knowing,what i know now,there is only one place,trouble is the money! but what i have paid in taxes & what i got out of it! i am so angry! idiots wasting hard ernt’ ..my money

  6. Seán Says:

    “It’s not correct in Marxist or any other terms to call British imperialism “English imperialism”. I know, I’m trying to be deliberately awkward and provocative – sorry!

    But my point is, that when the Six Counties, Scotland and Wales eventually leave the UK, in England you’ll have an empire that incorporates…Gibralter and The Falklands.

    Imperialism has fucked up the English psyche more than the rest of Britain – apart from Ulster of course. Eventually the rest of what was the UK will find themselves.

    The English? Maybe they could be bounded in a nutshell, and count themselves kings of infinite space…as recompense for losing the Empire.

  7. St Express Says:

    English,of my generation i am over 40, of the Empire no-one cares that much ,unlike yourself, whether you like it or not at one time it was British…. The English,we come under a British agenda, at the moment,…50 million People of England without a proper representation/ Parliament ?… we are working on it,..anyway who ever wants to exit the UK ! can

  8. charliemarks Says:

    Sean, there’s never been an opinion poll finding of majority support for occupying the six counties. So the English aren’t all that fucked up – currently the state-corporate media are having a problem selling the Afghan occupation as there’s not great support for it.

    St Express: education and healthcare are made worse by privatisation, and I have no doubt that there could be a great deal of improvement if there was a devolved parliament in England with the power to kick out the PFI pirates and the US healthcare companies.

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