Bliar gets another “job”

Oh yes, another one

He will advise the Swiss insurer Zurich on “developments and trends in the international political environment”, including climate change.

The appointment comes less than three weeks after Mr Blair took on a similar role with investment bank JP Morgan worth a reported £500,000 a year.

Mr Blair said he wanted to ensure business “can play its part” in preserving the environment.

Bliar hasn’t been reading the Indie lately, then:

Global warming ranks far down the concerns of the world’s biggest companies, despite world leaders’ hopes that they will pioneer solutions to the impending climate crisis, a startling survey will reveal this week.

Nearly nine in 10 of them do not rate it as a priority, says the study, which canvassed more than 500 big businesses in Britain, the US, Germany, Japan, India and China. Nearly twice as many see climate change as imposing costs on their business as those who believe it presents an opportunity to make money. And the report’s publishers believe that big business will concentrate even less on climate change as the world economy deteriorates.


One Response to “Bliar gets another “job””

  1. Seán Says:

    When unemployment rises we can all point the finger: Blair’s got all the jobs! That’s why we get Mcjobs and Flybe (night!) qualifications.

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