Hain resigns as cops investigate – it’s no frame-up this time!

Bye-bye Hain.

He’s resigned. Why? Well, the Electoral Commission has called in the police – meaning New Labour is being investigated over two separate funding scandals – Haingate and Abrahamsgate (as I am, rather awkwardly, calling them).

Neil Clark brilliantly summarises Hain thusly:

He supported the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia. He defended the genocidal sanctions on Iraq. He supported the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003: and even had the nerve to try and blame the French government for the war.

All of which has blotted out his previous career as a fearless fighter of apartheid

So the cute-ish James Purnell (who has always struck me as a Tory boy) takes over at the DWP, sacking disabled workers and cutting benefits.

As Welsh Secretary, Paul Murphy returns to the job, demonstrating, perhaps, that Brown didn’t sack Brown because he couldn’t find a replacement for Wales.

Also, Brown feared a domino effect forcing out wee Wendy Alexander, leader of the Scottish Labour party. She accepted a dodgy donation of her own, back when she was running for the leadership job, and is now fending off calls to quit. (No let up for Brown, though, Lord Levy plans to publish his memoirs this autumn…)

As for the benefits of devolution… Wales has said “no” to ID cards. This comes with the news that the UK-wide scheme is being delayed (until after the next election).

So, again I say devolution would be good for working people in England! Do you imagine an English parliament would lead to the database state?

Fellow bloggers, join the club!