Are the racist BNP wives “fine ambassadors” for fascism?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I recently joined the Throw Away Your Telescreen blog.

Here’s my latest post at TAYTS:

BNP Wives is a documentary that demonstrates the fascists have learnt nothing from previous embarrassing encounters with the media.

(go to Google Video)

A more apt title for the programme would have been BNP Women as only one of them is married to a BNP member, and though a lot of it is old material in comedy terms (you think they’d be prepared for some of the questions and be a little more polite with members of the public!) it’s worth watching to compare what the women say with the glowing review on the BNP website, where the three are described as “fine ambassadors” for the party…


9 Responses to “Are the racist BNP wives “fine ambassadors” for fascism?”

  1. Toque Says:

    Brilliant. Hilarious that they thought that woman was a left-wing operative, and even funnier that they’re using Gordon Brown’s ‘British jobs for British people’ slogan.

    Or did he nick it from them?

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  3. Alfie the OK Says:

    Notice the title had the flag of St George fluttering through the BNP logo at the beginning of the video? Oh yeah, that’s right, accordig to the media, BNP = English Nationalist

  4. charliemarks Says:

    Toque – as the BNP have been using the slogan for some time, Brown’s adoption of it was cynical. Brown is a fierce and vocal opponent of economic protectionism, but the phrase allowed him to direct his Britishness agenda at working people who are concerned about increased competition in the labour market and the daily outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to low-wage economies.

    Now that I think of it, BNP members I have spoken to express the same attachment to Britian’s imperial past (and present) as Gordon Brown. Now that they have turned their focus on Muslims, the BNP assist the government’s problematisation of Islam – which is the main plank of legitimising the occupations in the Middle East.

    Alfie – hadn’t clocked it myself. I expect it was ignorance on the part of the documentary-makers. The actual BNP logo uses the Union flag – the flag they use when campaigning.

    No doubt, they are British nationalists – their event is the Red, White, and Blue – but Griffin talks up “England” and “the English” (despite living in Wales) and Lynne Mozar talks about England whilst stood in front of a Union flag. Now that there is a crisis within the party, and a split of “independent nationalists”, I wonder how long they have left…

  5. Seán Says:

    Thanks for that, Charlie. I don’t have Sky – no Murdoch products in my house.

    The Red, White, and Blue event was probably the greatest cultural wasteland England has ever witnessed. The master race has never looked so fucking ugly.

    Also, can’t the RSPCA do something about the welfare of that parrot. Poor sod has got to listen to that crack-pot Marlene all day.

  6. Alfie the OK Says:

    Blimey Charlie,
    Just seen the IWW logo…. Brings back memories. My Granddad was a member – he joined around 1918ish… He had his card with him at all times – until he snuffed it in 1965. One of his comrade mates managed to get hold of it – and the last time I saw it was in an exhibition about my Granddad at our local city museum in the late 1980’s.

  7. charliemarks Says:

    Seán – I feel the same as you, and the video was brought to my attention by Phil BC over at A Very Public Sociologist ( He didn’t put it up though, I suspect it was Antifascist at Lancaster UAF (

    THe internet makes it hard to give credit to people, but whoever put it up, thanks. I notice that the BNP give it a positive write up, yet don’t link to google video…

  8. Dave On Fire Says:

    What a freakshow! I almost felt guilty watching it. One point it raised, that I think people often miss – how posh are the BNP!

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