Bliar’s Catholicism non-story trumps BAE revelations

Yes, it’s official.

Bliar’s become a Catholic. Not a great surprise, it’s a shame he didn’t have the balls to convert years ago.

Confession’s going to be difficult, isn’t it? He’s not one for being honest.

Take the inquiry into BAE Systems’ alleged corruption:

The Grauniad’s reporting that newly released documents prove that he pestered the attourney-general Lord Goldsmith to call of the inquiry, then claimed it was not about the big bucks, but national security.

New Liberal leader “Dick Cleggeron” – who recently came out as atheist – is calling for an official inquiry into the whole thing.

The BAE deal, I mean, not Bliar’s Catholicism.

Anyhow, since it seems to be the season for coming out, here’s one of my friends…


Scottish Parliament backs referendum on EU consti-treaty

This story might have missed you – unless you read The Scum – and I thought I’d posted it a few days ago, but have just discovered that the gremlins got it…

On Tuesday, Labour MSPs abstained from voting on a Scottish National Party motion calling on the British government to hold a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, meaning that the motion passed by 64 votes to 17.

This failure to act highlights the rift within the Labour party on the EU and the fear of Labour parliamentarians that failure to hold a referendum on the new treaty will result in voters punishing them at the next election.

However, the party is not in complete revolt: Scottish Labour’s own ammendment endorsing the treaty was narrowly defeated (64 to 61) in the devolved parliament.

That the SNP brought the motion is a not sign the party is returning to its historic euroscepticism, rather it is part of their strategy of asserting their democratic and populist credentials – battered by recent controversy over their appeasement of Donald Trump, the American billionaire looking to build a golf resort.