Offshore outsourcing and cutting carbon emissions

The outcome of the climage change conference in Bali doesn’t exactly pave the way for huge cuts in carbon emissions.

Little wonder.

The government has made no hoo-haa about the offshore outsourcing of


The firm also plans to restructure its Bournville plant in Birmingham, leading to a further 200 job losses.

An estimated 500 jobs are set to be cut at Keynsham under proposals to move production to Poland.


Workers at Rolls-Royce sites across the UK have joined a national protest in support of colleagues fighting to save its plant on Merseyside.
The public solidarity comes after Rolls-Royce bosses announced plans to close the factory on Dunningsbridge Road, Bootle, at a cost of 200 jobs.

More than 10,000 workers have signed a petition. Short protests were held at eight separate sites.

The plant is due to close next year, and production move to the US.

and Electrolux.

Production at the Electrolux site in Spennymoor, a major employer in the town, will be moved to Poland.

The plant has been making a loss for the past few years and is too uncompetitive, said the company.

It is the worst possible outcome for workers, who had hoped that up to 300 jobs could be saved following meetings with management earlier this week.

How can you cut pollution in the economy if manufacturing is being shifted out of the country?

Transportation adds to carbon emissions, but the profit gained from outsourcing to low-wage economies is what matters to the capitalist class, not the future of life on the planet…