Don’t worry, says David Cameron, I’m not a democrat

Dave’s been to Scotland to pour cold water over suggestions he’s going to play the English card:

Conservative leader David Cameron has strongly defended the Union, pledging to fight the “ugly stain of separatism seeping through the Union flag”.

Speaking in Edinburgh, Mr Cameron said he believed the Union between Scotland and England was more fragile than ever.

He said there were those in England who wanted to see the Scottish Government succeed in its independence goal.

The purpose of his visit was to see Annabel Goldie, the leader of the Scottish Tories (yes, they do exist) and support her decision to join with the Liberals and Labour to vote through proposals for a constitutional commission to rival that of the SNP’s “national conversation”.

The difference with the Lib-Lab-Con commission is that it will not consider independence as an option for Scotland’s future.

Responding to the speech, SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP pointed out that Mr Cameron had stated before the Holyrood poll that Scotland could be a successful independent country.

She added: “The Tories are facing both ways on Scotland. Just last week, the Tories north of the Border signed up to a commission to boost the financial powers of the parliament which would make us wealthier.

“Whereas the Tory drive at Westminster is about appealing to a south of England agenda and cutting Scottish spending.

“Instead of coming to sell a negative message about Scotland in negative language, David Cameron should support the right of the Scottish people to choose their future in a democratic referendum.”

Cameron’s message was also “blame Labour”, but that was rather drowned out by the bulk of what he had to say on Scotland.

Scottish Labour is mired in a party funding scandal and the SNP are sucking up to an American billionaire…

Instead of jumping on these examples of corruption, he’s spouting off on “narrow English nationalism”, implying as always that people in England can never be permitted to have devolution lest it threaten the imperial British state.

You’ve shown you have no democratic credentials, Dave. Just the kind of guy the British ruling class is after, you’re hired!

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