Gutless Brown is willing to see hostages killed

“We will do everything in our power to secure our objective, which is the immediate release of the hostages.”


“The taking of hostages is completely unjustified, wholly unacceptable and we are making it clear they will not change our policy in any way.”

Lest you miss the point, dear reader, I have emphasised the key message: we’ll do everything to save the hostages lives, except that which will bring them home alive as that would damage US or British imperial power.

Supposedly, the seven month delay by Brown was due to Foreign Office fears of a repeat of the kidnappings of Ken Bigley and Margaret Hassan, in which the hostage did not survive. I doubt this very much. The FO’s request to the media to keep the story quiet – which was obeyed, as you’d expect – has allowed Brown to dodge the issue of Iraq.

Most people in the UK want the armed forces to come home safely. Why not do it now and save five civilians, too?

Sadly, there’s not much chance of this happening. New Labour cares not for public opinion. Just look at the way Brown is backing US threats against Iran, despite US intelligence debunking claims by the Bush administration that the Iranian nuclear energy programme disguises a nuclear weapons programme.

What Brown conveys is that neither the British nor American government has any intention of leaving Iraq. Yes, power is being handed to the puppet Iraqi government, but there has been a 2% increase in spending by the British government on the Iraq mission, despite the reduction in troop numbers.

Considering his ascension to the office of prime minister was supposed to mark a change of policy with regard to the UK/US “special realtionship”, this untimely intervention reveals that Brown has no interest in saving the lives of the hostages. Why else wait until the hostage-takers had made public their intentions and demands?

I fear that the hostages will not survive long; not without Brown doing something brave for once in his pathetic life, and bringing all UK service men and women home from Iraq.

4 Responses to “Gutless Brown is willing to see hostages killed”

  1. secretperson Says:

    The problem is of course, if you give in to terrorist demands on this one set of hostages, that only encourages other terrorists. UK public opinion is a much better reason to bring back our troops. Would you feel the same way about saving five hostages lives if the terrorist demands were for something you disagreed with?

  2. charliemarks Says:

    But if there are no more UK forces in Iraq, why would there be hostage taking, other than for money?

  3. secretperson Says:

    We are not just talking about Iraq it sets a precedent for any future foreign policy involvement. Afghanistan, Kosovo, where-ever. And it is always the aid workers and those who go to help others who suffer. I don’t particularly want our troops to stay in Iraq, but I don’t think the decision should be made because of hostages. The policy of not negotiating with terrorists is long standing and should remain.

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