Proof that factory closure is driven by Cadbury’s greed

A follow up on a story about the closure of the Cadbury’s factory in Keynsham, which I have mentioned before.

Unite workers voted to strike over plans to shift production to Poland where labour costs are lower.

Here’s the latest:

Leaked email reveals greed behind closure of Cadbury’s factory (Monday 03 December 2007)
INDUSTRY union Unite stepped up its campaign to save Cadbury’s Keynsham factory on Sunday after publishing an internal memo that exposed the company’s corporate greed.

Unite said that the message from managing director Trevor Bond showed a 15 per cent increase in sales in October, which the union said proved that it was “unnecessary” to close the factory near Bristol.

Mr Bond described the figures as “nothing short of staggering” and pointed out that Cadbury’s competitors were “underperforming compared to the market.”

He also gloated about the success of the Gorilla advertising campaign, which featured a song by Tory rocker Phil Collins and has meant that Cadbury had the “highest branded recognition of all category campaigns tracked this year.”

National officer for food and agriculture Brian Revell said that the Cadbury email was “dynamite” which blew apart the justifications for the planned closure of the Keynsham factory.

“This memo reinforces our belief that Cadbury is acting like a private equity company and pandering to shareholder greed,” he said.

“There is no case to close Keynsham and move to Poland. It is wrong on business and environmental grounds.

“The Polish unions don’t agree with it, the workforce doesn’t agree and neither do the local communities.”

Unite leaders met the company last week and remain unconvinced of the need to close Keynsham, even before the revelations from the memo.

Mr Revell added that the board had “clearly taken a knee-jerk decision after the failure of the Schweppes sale based on inadequate information and poor advice.

“There has been no convincing case put forward based on how the products will change in taste by being made in Poland nor has there has been a proper environmental assessment of the millions of food miles which will be added to Cadbury products,” he said.


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