No free care for elderly in England – a matter of principle for New Labour

From The News Line:

IT has emerged that it is a question of principle for the Labour government that elderly people who are now living in nursing and other homes, and have spent a lifetime paying taxes of one kind or another, must pay for their personal care.

This was the message from Health Secretary Johnson to the House of Commons Health Committee yesterday. This positions the Labour government well to the right of the Scottish National Party government in Scotland.

Johnson argued that the policy differences on health between the Labour and Scottish governments were not due to financial pressures, but was ideological. He explained that the Labour government disagreed with the approach of the Nationalists, who have established that the elderly must have free personal care, and that the government had much more important things to spend the taxpayers’ money on.

Johnson rubbished the statement by Labour MP Charlotte Atkins who said that patients in England felt they were getting ‘a raw deal’ compared to those in Scotland.

Johnson responded: ‘I think there are better things you can do with your money to target the people who need it most.’

He argued that by 2025 the number of over 85s will have risen by two thirds, and that therefore it was vital that funding was prioritised, and for Labour free personal care for the elderly including the over 85s was not a priority.

Johnson then enlarged on his subject adding: ‘I wouldn’t go down the free prescriptions route, as I wouldn’t in a previous life go down the free higher education route.’ Once again he stated that there were much better things to spend the taxpayers’ money on.

Johnson boasts of his role in demolishing a large chunk of the Welfare State. Once again the Scottish nationalists are well to the left of the British Labour party.

However as is usual with this type of bourgeois politician – who, by the way, has a huge salary, a massive expense account and a fabulous pension pot building up for his retirement – while he is roughing up the working class and the middle class he has a soft spot for the rich and powerful.


5 Responses to “No free care for elderly in England – a matter of principle for New Labour”

  1. Toque Says:

    Good to see that socialists are waking up to ‘Scottish socialism’ – a dual-headed beast that acts one way in Scotland and another in England.

    Scottish Labour Party votes for Foundation Hospitals in England, but against them in Scotland.

    Scottish Labour Party votes for Top-up fees in England, but against them in Scotland.

    For free care for the elderly ion Scotland,but against it in England (and now they attempt to blame the nationalists).

    The sad thing is that because we don’t live in a democracy these Scottish Labour MPs are not electorally accountable to the English whose social spending they determine.

  2. Peter Shaw Says:

    As a once proud people, are we not now falling victim to our much valued tolerance and acceptance of all things. Sadly, it appears there are less and less of us who are able and wanting to change what is so clearly wrong.
    We have been subtly force fed for so long that what we don’t or can’t accept must be a weakness in our humanity and understanding and will undoubtedly give way to the cruel evils of racism.
    Everytime we even feel the injustice that is snapping all around, we feel ashamed that we might perpetuate the silent resentment of our imperial past and simply bite our tongues and praise the Lord for our comfort and superiority.
    I just want to know where that sense of superiority is these days and who indeed benefits from the comforts?
    Certainly not me, maybe it’s our Celtic foe to the north.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    What “imperial past” – Britain helping the US occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, has troops in Kosovo, and still a presence in Ireland!

    The great mass of people in the nations of the UK have nothing to gain from imperialism…

    “Celtic foe”?

    Come on, Peter…

  4. Peter Shaw Says:

    Yes, that’s right! Imperial past and present.
    I am not about to defend or criticise this Nation’s past or present, but I will point out that I nor many others, had very little to do with its foundation.
    The point I was trying to make was that I am jtired of the increasingly vitriolic attacks from English haters, here and abroad, who constantly accuse, condemn and hold us all to account for the actions of past and present Donkeys whose acts are taken in our name.
    Put simply Mr Charliemarks, I see no reason why our Nation should retire from and relinquish its right to fairness, decency and democracy on the grounds that we have entrusted certain people with great powers, past or present and who have not always acted in the interests of the people.
    No one at this end is celebrating Imperialism, just recognising its being, past and present.
    ‘Foe’…. Charliemarks, did you not detect a certain hint of irony. The foe is as I see it very much a one way street, I consider the English tolerance (in general) to be quite accepting of a brutish display from many quarters including mainstream media from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and interestingly Cornwall, of a clear and overtly anti English sentiment. Please Lets not pretend anymore. Many people dislike (nay hate) the English and the English are simply and sadly unaware of it or just embarressed by it.
    So, less of the ‘Come on Peter’ and let’s talk about the issue here…why can Scottish MPs influence English policy when English MPs have little say in Scottish Policy (I may be wrong but I assume the Welsh & Northern Ireland assemblies equally apply) .
    I hope someone can correct me here, but my understanding is that my Mother has to sell the house she and my Father built together to pay for care which she has already contributed to through a lifetime of taxes and a life of dedication working for the NHS.
    If she lived across the border, this would not be the case. There seems to be no complication here, just injustice.
    My argument is not with the Scots as they have sensibly chosen a solution that I would choose myself, I simply can’t accept a system that is so intrinsically disjointed and unfair.

  5. charliemarks Says:

    Peter, I am in complete agreement with you. My querying your use of the “celtic foe” was because I get some commenters who express anti-scottish comments. I see now that you are a reasonable sort. Please accept my apologies.

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