A breakthrough in the Reissmann strike


 The following is from the Reinstate Karen Reissmann blog, which will hopefully soon be rendered pointless as Ms Reissmann returns to work with her colleagues:

STRIKING nurses won a huge victory today when they forced Trust boss Sheila Foley to agree to peace talks.

They confronted Mrs Foley as she returned to work from a weeks holiday in Dubai and demanded that she begin immediate talks to settle the strike in support of Karen Reissmann.

And within minutes, Mrs Foley who looked “tanned but strained” according to the Manchester Evening News, emerged from Trust HQ in Manchester to agree to a meeting.

Nurse union reps then submitted a demand that Karen should be immediately reinstated pending her appeal aginst her sacking. In return, the nurses would call off their two-week old stoppage and return to work.

The Trust spent most of the day considering the peace offer from the nurses, but had still not responded by 4 pm.

The breakthrough came shortly after 7 am this morning when nurses gathered on the picket line to greet Mrs Foley as she arrived back at her desk.

She was handed a letter demanding immediate negotiations – and then re-emerged from the Trust building to agree to meet representatives at 9 am.

After that 30-minute meeting, Karen said:”We are delighted that Mrs Foley has finally seen some sense and met UNISON reps to discuss how to end this strike as soon as possible.

“It is the first time they have shown they are willing to talk and we are very relieved that we have now been able to get round the table to try to sort out this dispute.

“None of us want to be on strike – we would much rather be back caring for our patients. We hope the Trust will now respond positively and constructively to our proposals.”


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