An answer for Adam


Comrade Price has some words on the English Question:

Of the 23 bills announced in the Queen’s Speech yesterday 4 apply to England and Wales, 13 are UK-wide and six are England-only. So for a quarter of this session, Westminster will be an English Parliament to all intents and purposes – but for the presence of a phalanx of Celtic MPs.

Should we as Plaid MPs vote on these England-only bills? The SNP do not vote on England-only legislation as a matter of principle.

Which is cool, especially when SNP parliamentarians can rattle the Prime Minister over his own West Lothian question. (Gordon Brown did not answer a question on the issue during the Queen’s Speech Debate yesterday, merely rambling on about the “separatist” Scottish nationalists.)

But, Adam asks,

Should we abstain on English legislation – or use our votes to defeat ideas like ‘foundation hospitals’ that we oppose?

I’d say in the case of NHS privatisation, extra opposition would be welcomed by the popular masses of England – it should be viewed as an act of solidarity.

The “phalanx of Celtic MPs” that Adam refers to are not all as principled as he is – for the most part they are New Liebour scumbags who have no concern for national self-determination or the class struggle.

Like Gordon Brown.