Terror tactics of MI5 boss


Do not adjust your mind, reality is malfunctioning…

The newish head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, told an audience of newspaper editors that two thousand would-be suicide bombers are brainwashing children into becoming mini Islamofascists.

Now, the cynical amongst you will see this in the light of tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech, in which we will learn of the programme of legislation planned by the election-dodging administration of Gordon “Blatcher” Brown.

I can assure you that it is a complete coincidence.


I mean, would the chief spook really spin for the government to help them extend internment?

It’s not worth considering.

But… there’s no evidence that there needs to be an extension of this draconian legislation, as the Home Secretary admitted a fortnight ago:

[T]here has not been one single case since 9/11 when police enquiries would have been aided by holding a terror suspect for more than 28 days.

Despite the admission, as she gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, Jacqui Smith insisted the Government will press ahead with plans to increase the period of detention without trial, because the police argue that terrorism cases have become far more complex and international.


The 28-day limit on holding terror suspects without charge is likely to be doubled by the government.

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said the government wanted to extend the limit, “probably” to 56 days.

Security Minister Lord West said “about 50” was the figure being talked about – but said safeguards would have to be in place to win over critics.