Referenda, rights, war!


I thought the whole constitutonal reform agenda was just something to keep Jack Straw busy, but it appears it’s a sideshow to the real constitutional reform which is taking place in Europe:

A referendum would be “inevitable” if plans to give the UK a written constitution go ahead, a minister says.

Justice minister Michael Wills said any “fundamental alteration in the powers of Parliament” was likely to make a vote by the public necessary.

He spoke after the government said a written constitution could be introduced following wide consultation.

The issue of the European Union – a militarised multinational capitalist state in the making – is more pressing. Here’s an example:

The European Union’s highest court has said a German law protecting carmaker Volkswagen from takeovers is illegal.

Under the “Volkswagen Law” any shareholder in VW could not exercise more than 20% of voting rights, even if their stake in the firm was bigger.

The European Court of Justice said the law discouraged foreign investors from taking a stake in Volkswagen.


The European Court of Justice also rejected the right of the German government to appoint members to the VW board.

The federal government has said that it will move quickly to change the law.

I imagine that if Brown’s “British liberties” get in the way of the free movement of capital, the government will be just as subservient.

For all the talk of parliament getting powers to vote on the deployment of armed forces, Brown was quick to back the latest move towards war with Iran:

Says Brownie: “I will rule nothing out“.

I think what I’m trying to say is that the Brown government is full of shit and Gordon is the biggest turd of them all. A little crude, but true, wouldn’t you say?

But if we’re going to talk about rights, why not start with workers’ rights?

These were not given by the British ruling class, but fought for over centuries, and despite opposing the anti-union laws introduced by the Tories when in opposition, Labour has yet to undo the damage to working people (for obvious reasons).

John McDonnell’s Trade Union Rights and Freedoms Bill is being read in the Commons for a second time on Friday. It will be interesting to see what John’s reaction to the inevitable will be – he has already admitted that there’s no prospect of “reclaiming” Labour (whatever that means), will he do something a bit risky and split?

4 Responses to “Referenda, rights, war!”

  1. Dave On Fire Says:

    A McDonnell-led split from New Labour would perhaps be the best thing could happen to British politics, especially after Tony Benn’s disappointing return to the fold. What do you think of Bob Wareing? Now deselected I gather he plans to run as an independent, but it would be great if figures like these were to kick off a mass exodus to another party, eg Respect or the CNWP.

  2. charliemarks Says:

    I totally agree. My guess was ( that Benn’s was a test of the waters. If he were to be rejected by Labour it would add to the argument for forming a new mass party of labour, instead of wasting time remaining in a party of big business.

    Now that the election’s off, I don’t know what’ll happen with regards Bob Wareing ( My hope is that Respect will survive, become more pluralist, and co-operate with the CNWP whilst fighting the GLA elections next year…

  3. Dave On Fire Says:

    I notice that, despite the attention on the Galloway-SWP split (which seems to be intensifying), the RMT – which I gather is the main mover behind the CNWP – just threw its support behind Respect for the London elections.

  4. charliemarks Says:

    Which is good news, of course. Let’s hope that the bust-up leads to a patch-up.

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