Union bureaucracy colludes with management to sell out postal workers

[Tuesday again]

So, it’s probable that Labour won’t be getting any more cash from the postal workers – not after the government sat back and watched the management of a company it owns use the courts to stop a strike. But will Billy Hayes and those on the EC who backed his sell-out deal be dumped along with affiliation to the Labour Party?

Here’s a report from The News Line on the sell-out:

THE CWU (Communications Workers Union) yesterday accepted the Royal Mail offer on pay along with plans to modernise the company and reform the pension scheme.

This came after the CWU Postal Executive Committee ratified by nine votes to five the deal agreed by the CWU general secretary Billy Hayes and deputy general secretary (postal) Dave Ward on 13 October.

Royal Mail said yesterday: ‘The CWU’s acceptance of the proposal means that Royal Mail can now go ahead with essential plans to modernise the business and make it more flexible, efficient and able to compete properly in the marketplace.

Royal Mail Chief Executive Adam Crozier acknowledged ‘the role played by Brendan Barber and the TUC and to thank them for helping to bring these talks to a sensible conclusion’.


The CWU will shortly ballot its members on the agreement.

‘Postal workers must throw out this sell-out deal’, Rob Bolton, Chairman HP Section, CWU South Central No 1 branch said yesterday.

He said: ‘In my opinion the CWU leadership caved in before the fight had really began.

‘We must reject the deal and replace this leadership of Hayes and Ward, with a leadership that will carry the struggle forward.

‘This leadership has negotiated away our hard won terms and conditions, it is time for it to go.’

CWU Eastern No 6 branch secretary Paul Olden added: ‘Our HQ is in for a rude awakening.

‘If the deal is no better than what we came on strike against, I won’t be recommending it to our branch.

‘We will need a new leadership within the union.

‘Under such a deal HQ might as well pack up and go home, Royal Mail will just push things through by executive action.’


2 Responses to “Union bureaucracy colludes with management to sell out postal workers”

  1. Hector Says:

    I’m glad to see that someone’s keeping the struggle alive, Charlie. Mainstream media, at least here in the States, doesn’t give a damn about the worker. Big business owns what information is disseminated and what issues are raised. The world is being overtaken by big fananciers, and moderate members view us as a bunch of instigators, conspiracy theorists, and radicals. Money sets public policy and public opinion, which shapes those who bring attention to plans for this new world order as outsiders. Marx may have been a revolutionary, but he couldn’t have foreseen the conditions we live under today.

    It’s as clear as day to me that the CWU leadership is in on the whole thing. You don’t think they got money on the side for getting their union workers to swallow this pill? I don’t trust unions, cuz they’re too organized for my liking. Organization at the level still leaves to groups: managers and the managed.

  2. charliemarks Says:

    It isn’t over yet, Hector – CWU members are to vote on the agreement and there are signs that the union and managment are not sure what the detail of the agreement actually is – so there’s still hope that the fight will continue. I sincerely doubt that anyone has been bribing Billy Hayes and co, though.

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