A terrorist the media isn’t interested in?


Can we expect a media flurry over this story?

Perhaps not, as the terrorist in question was not motivated by foreign policy, but rather by domestic policy.

Miles Cooper was convicted yesterday, and has been sentenced today, but I have yet to hear any of the news reports use the word “terrorist”.

A primary school caretaker found guilty of carrying out a letter bomb campaign in which eight people were injured has been given a 10-year sentence.

Miles Cooper, 27, from Cambridge, sent seven letter bombs to addresses in England and Wales earlier this year, five of which exploded.

Judge Julian Hall said Cooper must serve four years and 149 days before being eligible for parole.

He told Cooper: “You are a terrorist, there can be no mistake.”

True enough, but is he the right kind of terrorist for state and corporate media?

Cooper did not contest that he sent the letters but denied intending to cause injury.

An admission as lame you would expect from Bush or Blair…

He told Oxford Crown Court that he had been “concerned about the direction my country was heading in”.

He said that his aim was “ultimately to highlight my cause” and denied charges related to the seven letter bombs sent in January and February.

The targets were three forensic science laboratories, a computer company, an accountancy firm, the DVLA and a residential address.

Since he admits his actions “ultimately to highlight my cause” why the hell did he do it?

His actions will perhaps only lead to more of a surveillance state because you can’t blow up a social relationship.

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